The G.A.S. (Gallatin Alpine Sports)/ INTRINSIK Architecture Endurance Team

Established in the fall of 2004 by a group of enthusiastic cyclists from the Gallatin Valley Bicycle Club who wished to establish a community based competitive cycling team in Bozeman, Montana.
The team is open to men, women, and juniors of all ages and abilities who participate in road, mountain, cyclocross, ultra-endurance, and triathlon/duathlon events.

The team has been, and strives to continue to be successful both in the racing world and in the community.

Our Mission

To cultivate an environment conducive to personal growth and the realization of athletic potential in human-powered events, endeavors, and adventures.

Core Values

  • A sense of adventure
  • A strong work ethic
  • Humility
  • Respect
  • Passion
  • Generosity

A sense of adventure
We seek new challenges, exhibit a sense of adventure, and embrace all 3 types of fun.

A strong work ethic
We show initiative and take our responsibilities seriously. Furthermore, we race hard, finish races, persevere, strive to improve, and give our best effort no matter what.

We compete with quiet intensity and we win and lose with grace. We are quick to recognize our competitors and those who have contributed to our successes.  Though we are often serious in our endeavors, we never take ourselves too seriously.

We respect ourselves, fellow competitors, race officials, race promoters, volunteers, spectators, fellow outdoor enthusiasts, motorists, the community, the environment, and finally our sponsors and their products.

We are self-motivated, exude a positive attitude, show initiative, and lead by example.

We strive to share our knowledge and experience through teaching and volunteerism.