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Written by Sebastian White   
Monday, 28 January 2013 14:43

Saturday January 26 was the annual Sacagawea Classic ski race at Bohart Ranch.
Bohart Ranch has some of the best classic terrain this side of Norway and the course followed many of the same trails used during the 2002 US National Championships.  Gallatin Alpine Sports / Intrinsik Architecture Nordic racers Tom Owen, Seb White, Ben Alexander, and Pat Becker were there to contest.

The 30km race did 2 laps of some of Bohart’s famous trails including Montague’s, Bracket Creek (backwards) and Logger’s loop with the start/finish in the stadium.   There was 700’ of climbing on each loop, so a good kick was going to be critical.  The prior week’s weather was consistently over 32F during the day and just under freezing at night.  There was strong prediction for precip., so I personally was very concerned about a repeat of the 2012 “zero” conditions.

  The weather ended up being ideal with temperature of 28F at race start and sunny skies.  With the transformed snow conditions, klister was the kickwax of choice, but which klister?  I used a univeral klister over TOKO klister basebinder.  My Atomic’s were climbing very well during testing, but I was still concerned about the glide.  I finished the kickzone with a thin layer of TOKO yellow gripwax which was stellar to maintain the kick, yet keep the skis gliding well over the warming snow.

  The first lap went well and Tom Owen and I came in together through the start finish.  I was very excited about lap#2 as I knew Tom (and I) would be able to catch many of the skiers ahead.  There is nothing like having a GAS teammate on your side in the last part of a difficult race.  As we entered the shady areas on the start of lap#2, my skis slowed to a near standstill and I had to push them to get any glide.

  I was still able to kick well, so climbing was OK, but by the meadow, Tom had a 45second gap on me.  That gap grew to 3 minutes by the finish, as I struggled to keep my skis gliding.  I came in with Livingston’s Doug Wadle for a tight finale.  Doug commented on no kick, but plenty of glide and that was the decisive factor between us as we came into the stadium together.  MSU’s Marshall Opel won in a time of 1:35 (unofficial).

Tom Owen again rocked the Sacagawea Classic with a 3rd place overall finish.  This is a challenging race and Tom skied strongly to negative split the second lap.  Here are Tom’s comments:  “It was a klister day! Trails were in great shape, and the course was the best 'laid-out' I had seen or experienced! It was great to see three GAS/Intrinsik finishers in the 30K results!”

Next week is the Boulder Mountain Tour.  Tom, Sam Kreig, Amy and Brian Frykman are all heading down to Sun Valley to race against the Nation’s best nordic skiers.  In 2012, Big Fryk raced brilliantly at BMT to nail the 3rd place podium finish for Men 40’s age group.  Stay tuned for a race report…

Sacagawea Classic 2013 Results