Going "Rogue" in Texas PDF Print E-mail
Written by Alexandre Lussier   
Sunday, 02 June 2013 17:42

Seems like long work hours have put a damper on long bike hours for the last few months but I’ve managed to squeak in some good runs here and there. It turns out that running is a convenient traveling activity as well so when I traveled to Texas to attend a graduation, I packed my running shoes.

Bozeman rain, snow, and sleet can be rough but a mid-afternoon run in Texas heat felt seriously brutal. However, the Rogue Trail Race at Reveille Ranch in Hill Country was going to start a 7:30 am so it looked like it would be bearable.  As I was checking in, signing a digital waiver on one of a dozen i-pads, I understood where my outrageous entry fee was going. Anyhow, I was excited to find out the course was a true trail run, almost exclusively on single track through brush and slick rock.

I don’t tend to worry about the hole-shot and this race was no exception. I settled into 15th place or so for the first few miles and started slowly picking runners off. Chase, recover, pass, and chase down the next runner. Eventually I spotted a tall and skinny real runner-type fellow that I had noticed at the start line and though that just maybe I could catch one more. I kept pushing hard but when I caught up with him he really turned it on and gapped me again. I cranked up the intensity another notch to catch him again, and he accelerated to stay a few strides ahead of me. With 300 yards to go, I accelerated again. He accelerated. I accelerated some more, he matched it.

We were both clearly hurting and I wondered when he would mentally crack, but he never did, always matching my acceleration, staying a step ahead of me until we crossed the finish line recklessly sprinting at full speed down a rocky hill. In the end, he won the sprint but lost his breakfast. He got fourth but I won the masters. I'm pretty sure we were both psyched with our run.