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Written by Lisa   
Thursday, 31 May 2012 20:56

Over the course of the cycling “off” season, the team experienced a string of nasty injuries. Alex Lussier broke his ankle ice climbing, John Curry splintered his rib cage skiing and Dave Hoffman broke his collarbone mountain biking. All of these broken bones had us wondering if someone was out there with a GAS team voodoo doll and a handful of pins.

 Of course the more reasonable explanation is that the team is comprised of tough folks who like to play hard and therefore sometimes crack themselves. As expected, all three of these guys are on the mend and on the move. Not only are they back in the saddle, but they recently dabbled in some “drop-the-saddle” racing.

Last weekend the three of them, accompanied by the Frykmans, me and Muleterro’s EMule, raced the Helenduro. The race is essentially a downhill race comprised of 2 descents and 2 climbs with time bonuses for the fastest three climbers in each race category. Our gimps proved that they’re ready for action. John won the Cat 1 race with Alex close behind in second and Brian Frykman finished fourth. Dave was arguably the fastest climber in the Cat 2 race as was Amy Frykman, who finished 3rd in the women’s race. I was thrown a bone when Lizzy English had a mechanical that left her unable to pedal for the entirety of the 2nd descent, leaving me to snag the win. One of the most interesting components of the race experience was the change in scenery and atmosphere. Racers were welcoming to us freaks in kits and offered a relaxed vibe. The Gravity Guild Garage organized an excellent event that I would definitely do again and recommend to fellow racers. The Helenduro Part II is scheduled for June 23 & 24, check it out:


Report by: Lisa Curry