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Written by Sebastian White   
Thursday, 26 January 2012 22:11

Saturday January 21st was the 8th annual Sacajawea Classic ski race at Bohart Ranch.  This is a 15km classic ski event that uses the same course as the 2002 US National Championships.  GAS /  Intrinsik nordic racers Tom Owen, Rob Knapp, Pat Becker, and Seb White were present to take part.

Tom Owen at Sacajawea Classic by Melissa Richey

The conditions were ... miserable.  These were true "zero" conditions with air temp of 35F, snow temp of 33F and heavy, wet snow coming down at the race start.  It was raining hard just a mile down Bridger Canyon Drive.

The staging area was a buzz with talk of the right wax combination for these conditions.  Racers were testing their skis and coming back with concerned looks on their faces.  "no kick!" or "no glide" or "icing up" was the talk all around.  In the end, the fastest skis were ones built for these conditions:  zero skis.  No wax needed.  Tom Owen used his Madshus zeros to perfection and raced hard for 5th place overall.  Incredible race for Tom.  See the attached picture to see his intense concentration and effort.

Sebastian White at Sacajawea Classic

Rob used Atomic skintecs and reported very good kick.  Pat used an excellent combination of wax and raced well for 9th place.  Seb suffered with the end of pack - no kick and no glide, but very good training for this coming weekend's OSCR.

Willy says GO!! daddy - by Melissa Richey

It was a great race and good to see the fans out cheering us through the snow and rain.

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