GAS goes 1-2 at Cow Country PDF Print E-mail
Written by GAS Team   
Thursday, 10 June 2010 11:52

Cow Country has "queen event" status in Montana due to its length and relentless hills and wind.  The GAS/Intrinsik turnout was modest in the men's 1-2-3 field with 4 riders: John Curry, Brian Frykman, Jared Nelson, and Alex Lussier.  But, in a Montana field, that's enough.

Sometimes at Cow Country, the first 35 miles along the river can be rather uneventful.  Not so this year.  Attacks started early with a few riders evidently keen to get in an early break.  Alex and Jared covered everything they could until an inconspicuous attack by Elliot Bassett (NRO), which was followed only by John and Geoff Proctor (MT Velo).  We felt confident that if the break stayed away, John could finish it off so the rest of us took a breather.  The only downside for John is that he ended up soloing the last 40 miles of the race.  But its hard to feel bad for someone who's soloing for victory!  Still, an impressive ride, especially after winning the Homestake pass mountain bike race the day before!

As always happens in "the big climb," things broke up and riders were scattered, regrouped, and scattered again along the last 40 miles to the finish.  Brian pushed the pace up the climbs, dropped everyone with him, and caught everyone in front of him except for John, thereby capturing second place.  GAS goes 1-2!